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Letter From Macedonia (reaction)


One of the most popular online magazines about archaeology (Archaeology Magazine), in its January/February issue, carried a “Letter from Macedonia“. The author, a freelance journalist, underlines several problematic points from the 1991 independence of the Republic of Macedonia, connected with archaeology as a science: our dispute with the southern neighbour about the country’s name, the veto on the country’s entry into NATO, franchise on the territory of the Kingdom of Ancient Macedonians, the search for identity before the ancient times thus denying Slavic identity, outdated field methodology, lack of cooperation with other countries, statements which include disastrous policy in archaeology and a tendency towards sensationalism.

Keep in mind that this is only a short abstract, and it was written and published before the case with the fake grave of Alexander the Great and the detecting of his spirit with the help of suspicious energy entities. Macedonia was portrayed as a neverland with a fake treatment of archaeology as science, long outdated even in a lot of old systems.

I’ll be damned, but this Letter from Macedonia should have never been published, especially not in a popular journal like Archaeology Magazine. I found a lot of reactions and comments about it, some aggressive, others scientifically based. But the good point of this letter is the real absurdity of the archaeological situation in Macedonia in terms of the ties between archaeology and politics. For now I would not give any comment, except the following:

In the Republic of Macedonia there are more than 400 other archaeologists (80% of them unemployed), with the own opinions which do not reach the public, because only two or three persons give interviews and make statements on behalf of all Macedonian archaeologists. That makes us even more incompetent than we really are, because the truth is that Macedonian archaeology is currently like a crystal shoe. Or to be more precise, a crystal high heel. And an antique one, on top.

At the moment, I am ashamed to be a Macedonian archaeologist. I will go find a place to hide , to cover my head and throw away my degree in archaeology.


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