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Systasis – on line journal of Classical Philologists in Macedonia



The ancient Greeks and Romans are dead, but I would not say that about their deeds. From the literary works and scientific terms used today in all the European languages, this Greco-Roman spiritual and material culture is more alive than ever. Right in the moment when everybody are searching something about their roots and origins. Except the traces of this culture (like architecture, sculpture, paintings, etc.) which can be seen at every step on the whole Balkan territory, this classical culture also can be found in our folklore.

Logo of Systasis I am writing this blog-post specially to promote the Systasis, a web site of the on-line, electronic, periodical journal, initiated and edited by the members of the Association of Classical Philologists Antika in Skopje, Macedonia.

Beside the journal ,,Live Antique” (Živa Antika), I would say that Systasis is the only place where the scientific works and articles offered by specialists in the fields of classical philology, history, archeology, philosophy, can be found. Especially those who work in the fields of Ancient Greece and Rome and the cultural and historical heritage of these civilizations in Republic of Macedonia. Also the Journal welcomes contributions in the field of didactics of classical disciplines, as well as contributions by younger students at the Institutes of Classics and wider.

Systasis has an English version of its web site which is very important due to the fact that everybody concerned about these topics could follow the argumentation of the interesting studies published here.

In the absence of the on-line scientific works which derives form Republic of Macedonia, the idea of available articles about classical philology is really noble and there is always necessity of promotion. In the Internet era, still there is a small number of the on- line available scientific articles from all other sciences in Macedonia, including archaeology, which by not publishing the scientific works at the moment is brought to the margins of its exhaustion and at the edge of survival.

this post is also available in Macedonian

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