Дома English The Stone Roses from Macedonia

The Stone Roses from Macedonia



These are one of the most beautifully stalactites in Republic of Macedonia, so called Stone rose. They belong to the interior of cave Alilica, village Tresonche, Western Macedonia.

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Searching and exploring caves was my hobby even before the time I studied archeology, and now is a part of my profession. This cave is located about 40-60 min. walking along the canyon of Tresonechka river and the entrance is just under few beautiful springs. Actually, this is a two cave opening system which consist of Upper and Down Alilica. They are connected with a vertical sloping canal and it is recommended that if you don`t have an experience, make your first visit with specialized guides, speleologists or alpinists, because the entrance into the cave is vertical and deep more than 20 m.

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The lenght of the cave Down Alilica is approximately 600 m. This is a space rich with beautifull stalactites, stalagmites, a small river dividing the main hall on a two parts finishing with a waterfall inside the cave and small lakes. The figures on the walls in the interior presents a small animal kingdom inside the cave. Some of them actually look like elephants.

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The picture above is so called ,,The Leaning Tower of cave Alilica”, and represents a mixture of stalagmite and stalactite in one of the halls of the cave.


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