Дома English Archaeological diary – my first book is now available online

Archaeological diary – my first book is now available online


Taken via Metamorphosis, this article is a review about my e-book now available for downloading under CC licence .

Dimitrovska Vasilka – Arwena, one of the most popular Macedonian bloggers and the only archaeologist from Macedonia who actually writes on the internet, published her first collection of texts “Archaeological diary” in electronic form, under a Creative Commons license.

arwena.pngThe collection, having the same title as the blog of Arwena, consists of a selection of posts written online , that are not completely reflecting her own opinion, since priority is given to scientific-popular texts.

“I believe that all these years, I managed not to be a replica of the Macedonian newspapers and everyday events. I hope that through the Arheoblog I managed to convey to you all, at least partially, the idea that Archaeology is not just a science of the past and of the dead people, but that it is present among us in any moment and in any shape. Actually, the world and everything around us is archaeology”, stated Dimitrovska.

Arwena’s blog is one of the rare thematic blogs in Macedonian, that are also quality blogs, popular and attractive, with scientific texts supported by facts, critiques, analyses and positions that, in her case, are licensed under the Creative Commons license since she began with blogging.

Contents published on this blog are grouped in several categories, but generally, they are comprised by two segments: the first of which is archaeology (in general, but also in view of the current developments in this field in Macedonia), and the second – the sharing of personal experiences from the author’s own carrier.

In the 21st century, a time when the world is actually a global village, knowledge should be shared if we want to have a better world. Therefore, this book is a gift from me for all of you. And there will be more books, whether in printed form or e-books“.

The book “Archaeological diary” was first published in printed form by the publishing house “Aquarius Five” as part of the edition “Blog records”. Now it is also available in electronic form under the Creative Commons license – Attribution, Non-commercial 3.0 Unported. Bukarski’s review of the work is also included.


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