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Concerning the fact that I have been interested in prehistory of the Balkans and chipped stone industries since I was a student, this is selected CV of my engagements within this topic, which in general covers my interest:

Selected Papers:

‘Balkan flint from Neolithic Macedonia’, (ed. Clive Bonsall), Balkan Flint in SE European Prehistory: Chronological, Cultural and Social Perspectives, British Archaeological Reports, Int. Ser. Oxford: Archaeopress (forthcoming 2012).


Dimitrovska V., Boev, B. 2012. Petrologic, Morphologic and Functional Analysis of Ground and Abrasive Stone Tools from Rug Bair, Ovče Pole Valley. Geologica Macedonica. Vol. 25. No. 1 (2011): 37-52. Štip.

Dimitrovska, Milevski, GEOMORPHOLOGICAL AND GEOARCHEOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF TSOTSEV KAMEN, Geographical reviews (44-45), Institute of Geography, 2011, Skopje, 5-19.

‘Cultural transgression of the ethnics identity‘, Kulturen zivot 1-2/2011, Skopje, 28-33.

‘The chipped and ground stone artifacts from the Neolithic site of Rug Bair, Gorobinici, Republic of Macedonia’, Msc. theses (defended May 2011)

‘Cocev Kamen, something more than just a rock!’ (in Macedonian), Kulturen zivot, Skopje, 2010, 30-37.

A CONTRIBUTION TO THE MEANING OF THE NEOLITHIC LITHIC MATERIAL, Macedoniae Acta Archaeologica 19, 2010, Skopje, 39-47.

From transition to antiquisation, through and beyond the new media in Republic of Macedonia – European association of archaeologist 16th Annual meeting in Hague (Netherland), September 2010 (not published yet).

‘Ethno-archaeological approach about Tribulums in Republic of Macedonia’,Social and Spiritual Aspects of Material Culture (Collection of articles from the Conference held in Ohrid 20-22.09.08), Institute of Ethnology and Anthrpology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Skopje, 2009 (eds. Svetieva, Ashtalkovska).

‘BALKAN FLINT’ FROM NEOLITHIC MACEDONIA – European association of archaeologist 15th Annual meeting in Trento (Italy), September 2009 (not published yet).

‘Why Macedonian archaeologist should publish the articles under CC licence’ (in Macedonian), Kulturen zivot, 1-2, Skopje, 2009, 24-29.

Scientific review of 650 pages in Macedonian for the book ‘Principles of Archaeology’, T. Douglas Price, Nampres, Skopje, 2009.

‘Blogging Archaeology: Creating an Open Source Access for Knowledge’,Arheo, 25/2008, Ljubljana, 2008, 131-137.

‘Give me 2-3 information, and I’ll construct you a truth’ (in Macedonian),Kulturen zivot, 3-4, Skopje, 2008, 22-26.

‘Transitional archaeology, in transitional countr’, European association of archaeologist 13th Annual meeting in Zadar (Croatia), September 2007 (not published yet)

Cleaning an conservation of the prehistoric stone artefacts‘, 2006 Annual 19th conference of MAND (Macedonian scientific archaeological society), 25-28. 10 2006, Delchevo, Macedonia. (not published)

‘Latest results from analyses of prehistoric chipped stone assemblages on the territory of Republic Macedonia’. (Subject was ‘Investigations of Serbian prehistory between 2000-2004”). Meeting of the prehistoric section of Serbian Archaeological society, Museum of Town Novi Sad, Pertovaradin, 22-23. 10. 2004, Novi Sad, Serbia. (not published)

‘Result of petrologic and typological analysis of the lithic material from the late Neolithic archaeological sites: Mramor, Zuniver and Pista (area of town Veles)’, Annual 18th conference of MAND (Macedonian scientific archaeological society ), 26-29. 05 2004, Gevgelija,, Macedonia. (not published)

Most of the papers I have been presented on different conferences are not published yet due to a fact that there is not printed scientific archaeological journal in Macedonia where the new methodologies and researches can be display in front of the public.


‘Archaeological diary’ (28.03.2008) – in Macedonian
Link for download: http://bit.ly/s2VsR