2013 – 2016
University of Belgrade
Department for archaeology
Mentor: ph-d. Dusan Mihailovic
Ph. D. in archaeology

2005 -2011
University of Belgrade
Department for archaeology
Mentor: ph-d. Dusan Mihailovic
M. Sci. in archaeology

University “Cyril and Methodious”, Skopje
The Faculty of History of Art and archaeology
Mentor: ph-d. Dragi Mitrevski
graduated archaeologist
graduated art historian

Work experience

2012 –
Co-Founder/Owner of HAEMUS – Center for scientific research and promotion of the culture

2012 –
CEO and Founder of Haemus Journal

2012 –
Contributor and part of editorial board in Macedonian journal of speleology 

2011 –
Contributor to National geographic Society

2011 –
CEO of Travel and Training Center, Skopje

2008 –
Developer and writer for Macedonia Vision, long-term project for incoming tourism

2010 –
CEO and Founder of Wikimedia Macedonia, official branch of Wimikedia Foundation

2006 –
Developer, writer and collaborator of Wikipedia in Macedonian language

2005 –
CEO and Founder of Arheoblog (, platform dedicated for promotion of Macedonian cultural heritage

2004 –
Professional licence for tourist guidance given by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia

2003 – 2010
Collaborator and writer of Nampres publish house with more than 100 articles about heritage and tourism

2000 –
Part of Savana Tourist Enterprise, including working experience in outgoing and incoming tourism, and cultural and archaeological tourism


Since I was a student, I was a part of many excavations within Macedonia and abroad. They are mostly related with prehistory (paleolithic). lately, I organize archaeological excavation and training the students of archaeology. For more click here.

Published papers and books

I have been interested in prehistory of the Balkans and chipped stone industries since I was a student. The referring link contains published papers within this topic, which in general covers my interests (


1996 Red Cross ofMacedonia
1997 Speleological Society ‘Peoni’, Skopje
2003 Macedonian archaeological scientific society (MAND)
2004 Association of tourist guides of Macedonia (ZTVM)
2007 European association of archaeologists (EAA)
2010 Wikimedia Macedonia