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PostHeaderIcon Project: Skopje tour – City Tour of the Decade

What is cultural heritage about? Does people from some country can recognize in the present, what kind of category will be included on the heritage list in the future? What are the character and the impact of this heritage projects for the new generations? These are some of the questions I am facing of as an archaeologist and as a professional tourist guide every day. And actually, how it looks like for I day, if you imagine that you are a tourist in your own city, and you hiring a guide to tell you the story.

In his latest project entitled “City Tour 2000-2010“, the artist Zoran Poposki hired me, because I work both, with cultural heritage and with tourism. This time I gave him a tour of the cultural landmarks created during the last decade in Skopje, the city we have lived in since our birth.

In the description of the project, he will write: ”The tour of the new icons of the urban cultural landscape is set out against a background of massive economic and social transformation of public space in this post-socialist city, resulting in an increased need for interpretation of this new topography of meaning”.

Photo documentation of the tour can be seen here.

DSC_0001_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0002_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0004_1195x800 by zoranpoposki my guide by zoranpoposki

DSC_0007_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0008_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0012_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0015_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0016_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0018_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0017_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0020_536x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0022_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0027_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0029_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0028_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0031_536x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0032_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0037_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0036_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0043_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0046_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0050_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0052_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0054_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0056_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0058_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0061_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0062_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0063_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0066_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0065_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0068_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0069_536x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0070_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0072_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

DSC_0073_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0074_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0070_1195x800 by zoranpoposki DSC_0076_1195x800 by zoranpoposki

The photographies are property of @Zoran Poposki

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